Not Your Mother's Taxi Policies

The safety of our passengers is very important to us. In order to provide them a safe atmosphere we have the following polices for you to review.
By arranging for us to pick up a passenger you are registering with us that you are the parent or legal guardian of the passenger or have authorization to make a reservation for them.
Not Your Mother's Taxi is a "for hire" service. This means we charge for each reservation you make. Each reservation is for one way transporation using the pick up and destination information you provide.

Please note, that we will pick up and drop off our passengers at the locations you select in the reservation process. The driver cannot leave the bus to walk each passenger to their final destination. The driver will drive as close to the final destination as is practical and will drive away after observing that the passenger is safely away from the road. If you feel your passenger needs extra attention when exiting the bus please call us to discuss in detail. Again, the driver is not permitted to leave the bus while other passengers remain in his care.

If your child is scheduled for a pick up from a public location and that child does not get on the shuttle at the specified time, then the reservation will be modified to get them on the next available shuttle. A text message will be sent to the phone number on file of this change. If passenger is not there a second time then the reservation will be cancelled and another text message sent. You will be charged for this reservation.

If the passenger is scheduled to be picked up at a home address and they are not ouside waiting, the driver will sound his horn and wait for one minute to pass. If the passenger is not on the bus after that minute has passed, the reservation will be cancelled and a text message sent. You will be charged for this reservation.


For afternoon school reservations, no refunds are given for cancellations after 12pm. For morning school reservations cancellations must be made via a phone call to 813-406-8294 In order to get a full refund for your morning school reservation we need to have your phone call in by 6am.
For door to door reservations in Fishhawk, Please call us at least 1 hour before the scheduled pickup to cancell your reservation and receive a refund. For afternoon schools your ride.must be cancelled by noon for a refund. No refunds are given if you do not call at least one Hour before the pickup. if you make your reservation for an afternoon pick up after 12 p.m. you need to call to make sure there is room on our buses if you do not receive a confirmation email that your ride has been scheduled then your reservation has not been processed.

Ride credits purchased longer than 60 days ago are not refunded but can be transferred to another user.

School Ride Credits expire on the last day of school. This is typically June.

For Group reservations and for special events registration, 48 hours notice is required to get a full refund of your deposit.


Passengers must be on time, the shuttle will not wait for those who are tardy.
The driver is in full charge of the shuttle and passengers. Passengers must obey the driver.
Keep your seat at all times when the shuttle is moving.
Keep arms and heads inside of windows. No object shall be thrown from windows or inside the shuttle.
Passengers must refrain from fighting, pushing, and tripping while boarding, riding, and leaving a shuttle.
Passengers must not use any offensive or profane language to others passengers or the driver.
Emergency exits will not be tampered with.

Possible Consequences for passenger violating shuttle rules will be as follows:
st offense: Warning and parent notification
2nd offense: May suspend 1-2 weeks from shuttle and conference between parent and shuttle driver.
3rd offense: May suspend 2-5 weeks from shuttle.
4th offense: May suspend 5-10 weeks from shuttle.
5th offense: May result in long term suspension from the shuttle including withdrawal of shuttle privileges for a period between 11 weeks and the balance of the year.

Group Reservations.  At times we may offer group or family reservations. During these times there may  be passengers of all ages on the bus. If you are not comfortable with your passenger riding with adult passengers, please do not schedule.a ride for them during these times. We will let you know when there is a potential conflict.