Here are the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our service.

Is my address in your service area? For some schools in Lithia and Riverview we provide service to other towns. For our door to door service in Fishhawk, our service area is 5 road miles from Park Square which is located inside Fishhawk Ranch, or about 5 miles from Newsome High School. Some of the schools we provide transportation for to other towns include St. Stephens, Bell Creek and Valrico Academy. see more..

How Much Does it Cost? . A single ride is $10.00 for Fishhawk. This is for rides in our normal service area. Address to Address. Rides outside of our normal service area are at $50.00 per hour and must be made through our group reservation system. We have a special Airport Rate of $60.00 and to the cruise terminal for $50.

Do you pick up passengers other than children? Our policy for normal service hours is not to have adults on the shuttles at the same time as children. Arrangements can be made to provide service for adults and seniors through our group reservations or by call us at 813-406-TAXI (8294). There are no age restrictions for group reservations.

How do I know that my child has been picked up? When you make a reservation for children there are two check boxes which tell us how you would like to give you updates about the reservation. We will send you text or voice messages at three different times; when we are about to arrive, when we have picked up the passenger and when the passenger has been delivered to their destination. 

What happens if my child is late getting out of practice and is not ready when you arrive to bring them home?  If our driver does not find the passenger at the pick up address, he will reschedule the pick up for the next available shuttle. He will also send the contact cell phone a message telling you that that passenger was not there and they have been rescheduled. If the passenger is not at the home address when the driver arrives, then the reservation is cancelled.

Will you walk my child into the buiding or to their coach on a practice field? Our driver will pull as close to the building or field as is convenient and will observe the passenger until they are safely away from the road or if possible inside the building. Our drivers cannot leave other passengers unattended inside our shuttles.