Click for larger map of our service areaNot Your Mother's Taxi picks up passengers and delivers passengers under the age of 18 to destinations within a 5 road mile radius of Park Square. Reservations must be made on our website and in advance. Each reservation made, is for one way only. If you want a round trip, please make two reservations. 

The cost for door to door transportation in Fishhawk for the summer of 2015 is $10 per ride. Rides to Bloomingdale are $15. School rides for the fall of 2015 will be $8 per ride. unless otherwise posted.

We will send you a message when we are on our way. We will also send you a message when we have picked up the passenger and dropped them off. Would you like a text message for this or a call to your home phone? No problem, relax, we've got this!

1st step is to RegisterFirst you must register on Not Your Mother's Taxi .com. During this process you will receive an email from us with a link in it that you will need to click on. This verifies that you are the owner of the email address you registered with. 

Once Registered you will need to look over your information and make sure it is accurate.

Step 2 Add PassengersNext you will need to add your passengers to your information.

Each ride you reserve will use up one credit from your account. You may purchase credits in advance to place into your account or pay for a single credit when you make your reservation. We offer packages of credits which allow for a discount when purchasing multiple credits.


When making a reservation, the first piece of information you need to enter is the date for the passenger to be picked up. The pop-up calendar will show you a list of available dates. The dates that are not clickable or grayed out are dates we do not offer service.

++If you roll your mouse over the title of each informatin box, we will give you a hint on what needs to go in there.++

Next our website checks your reservation time to see if there is room available on our shuttle for that time frame. If there is, you will get a green check mark and you can proceed to entering a pick up and destination address. You may not need the exact address here. Start typing the location you want and we will start suggesting locations for you. If you see one which matches the location you want, click it. Please verify that the information that you see in this box is accurate. If we offer service to the address you have selected, you will get a green check mark. If you get a red X then we do not offer service to that location.

The yellow star is your favorites. Each time you make a reservation, the yellow stars will remember what you have previously typed in the pick up and destination boxes and you will be able to choose from your favorites to add a pick up or destination address. The favorites star shows different information for pick ups and destinations.

Notifications. If you have given us a passenger cell phone # we will let that number know when the driver is on his way by sending a message in one of two formats. A voice message sends a prerecorded voice message to their phone. Choosing Text Message will send a text message to their phone. Although we do not charge a fee for sending a message, the rates in the passengers cell phone company agreement will apply. 
If there is no passenger cell phone listed then we will use the information you provide in your profile. 

Passengers. If you do not see your passenger listed you will have to add them. Once added, they will be in the list here. Choose the passenger who we will be picking up.

Once the reservation form is completed you will receive another green check mark. If you do not, the submit button will not work and you may have to change some of your information.




Group Reservations and Rides Outside Our Service area

Once you are registered, you will have acces to make a "Group Reservation" Our buses can handle up to 14 passengers. Our hourly rate is $60.00 per hour. We also have a half and full day rate as well. A group reservation can be made for transportation outside of our normal service area. Once a group reservation is made we will review and approve it or contact you for more details. We have an invitation system where you will be able to invite others to join your group reservation. Get a price for your group reservation now.

  • Girls Night Out
  • Birthday Parties Dinner Group
  • Cruise Vacation
  • Field Trip

We have a special airport rate of $60. Arrange a ride to the airport today!